Travel to Mexico with little money, find out how

Mexico is one of the cheapest destinations for you to visit if you have good planning. Get to know this fascinating country full of culture with really little money!

Mexico is a wonderful destination for all kinds of tourists. There are many reasons to visit the country, such as culture, nature, beautiful beaches, museums and more.

The fact that the Mexican currency is undervalued compared to other currencies also makes it a cheap travel option. It’s totally possible to travel to Mexico for $ 50 a day!


aztec ruins in Mexico - Totihuacan

4 tips to travel to Mexico with little money

If you are willing to give up some comforts, such as eating only in restaurants and staying in a hotel with a private room and bathroom, this expense can be even lower and almost halved. Check it out!

1 – Airline tickets

Airfares to Mexico City are not expensive at the price they usually are. To fly to any other Mexican city, you’ll probably make a stopover in the capital, and it’s worth taking at least two days to get to know the city.

You can travel to Mexico spending little money on airfare if you consider the season and spend some time researching.

Traveling off-season, avoiding weekend flights, having availability for night flights and flexible dates all help you save on airline tickets. Buying airline tickets is the starting point of your trip, the big start in your vacation plans, so start spending little money to travel to Mexico.

2 – Accommodation

Choosing cheap accommodation is one of the best ways to travel to Mexico spending little money.

If you are open to the idea of staying in a hostel, the savings will be huge compared to a traditional hotel.

You might think you’re giving up on your comfort, but if you stay in a hostel, you’ll still have a good bed and bath, plus the ability to make friends and socialize. It is a great experience!

Another economical option is to stay in an airbnb. In addition to being cheaper than staying in a hotel, you can usually use the kitchen facilities, thus saving on food costs.

Delicious mexican chicken tacos with lettuce, tomatoes avocado and salsa

3 – Budget meals

Traveling on a budget, whether in Mexico or elsewhere, involves cutting your meals in restaurants. At least some of them.

A good tip is to choose a day to eat in some typical restaurant you want to know, to taste the authentic country food. On other days opt for fast food chains or grocery shopping.

You can prepare sandwiches for long walks, such as the Teotihuacan pyramid tour. You can also travel to Mexico spending little money if you prepare your own meals, if you are staying in a place with a kitchen, or even just with a fridge and a microwave.

Beware of street foods and especially spicy Mexican delights. Be sure to eat only in hygienic places and avoid any stomach discomfort during your trip.

Always carry a water bottle with you to avoid having to buy one whenever you feel thirsty on the street. Replace the water throughout the day.

4 – Public transport

Use public transport to get around the city. Mexico City, for example, has a subway that connects many points of the city.

Save money by taking the bus or subway and opt for taxi or uber just in case you need it.


Search for the best place to ensure the best quoted price when exchanging money.

Now that you know how to travel to Mexico spending little money, start planning your trip!