Travel to Germany, 5 Tips on How to Travel for Littel Money

Are you planning a trip to Germany? Check out the 5 tips we have selected below and find out how to travel to Germany for little money!

If you plan to travel to Germany on a budget, this is perfectly possible. It only takes a little planning and flexibility in your schedule to make your trip even with little money. Check it out!

1- Choose the best time of year to travel to Germany for little money

Air tickets and accommodation are the biggest expenses with a trip. When traveling in low season the values decrease considerably.

November is a low season in Germany, and also from February to April. If you plan your trip for these months, you are certainly more likely to find tickets and hotel at a better price, and therefore save money.

2- Airline tickets

Besides traveling in low season, there are other ways to get good air tickets to travel to Germany for little money. If you have flexible dates, you are more likely to get cheap tickets.

Use airline ticket search sites and test various round trip dates until you find the one that offers the best price. Weekday flights are cheaper than weekend flights, for example.


3- Accommodation

Lodging savings can ensure a much more economical trip. It is very possible to travel to Germany for little money if you exchange hotel accommodation for a hostel or airbnb experience.

If you choose airbnb, there is a chance to stay in accommodation with a kitchen available. This also helps in saving money with food.

4- Food

Saving on food costs will make a big difference to your travel budget. It is possible to travel to Germany spending less money on food. Eat at fast food chains, buy groceries and go to a good restaurant just once to taste the typical local food!

You can also prepare sandwiches for long walks and a bottle of water to avoid having to shop frequently.

The Konzerthaus Berlin (once called the Schauspielhaus Berlin) is a concert hall situated on the Gendarmenmarkt square in the central Mitte district of Berlin.

5- Transport

Use public transport! During your trip to Germany or any other country in Europe, you will save good money by switching taxi or uber for bus or subway.

To get from one city to another, you can also search for the cheapest way to do this on your date. In addition to the option of low cost flights, trains and buses, in Germany there is Mitfahren, a widely used system. It is like a paid ride, where the driver announces that he will travel from one city to another and provides places in the car to share expenses. This is one of the most effective ways to save money on your trip to Germany.

Roofs of Munich, Germany, in December

Prepare a daily budget of how much you can spend and follow these tips for traveling to Germany on a budget! Good trip.