Travel to Colombia, know the best destinations

Knowing different places besides the obvious ones further expands this experience. Get to know all the reasons to travel to Colombia and know the best destinations in the country to travel!

Colombia is a very economical country for tourism and has many amazing places to discover. We have made a list of all those who cannot be left out of your plans.

The best destinations for your travel to Colombia

San Andres Island

If you think traveling to Colombia and being in a heavenly scenery cannot be synonymous, you will be surprised for sure to know San Andres. With access from Cartagena, the island is stunning beautiful and attracts thousands of visitors.

The beaches enchant tourists for the beauty, the crystal clear sea and the common diving practice. You can also include a visit to Johnny Cay Island in your plans.

Traveling to Colombia is always a good idea, even if you just want to enjoy the natural beauty of a paradise beach.


Bogota is the capital of Colombia and is located at over 2500 altitude in the Andes Mountains. If you are traveling to Colombia, it is likely that your flight has Bogota as a destination.

No matter which destination you are traveling to in Colombia, it is worth saving a few days to know Bogota.

Walking through the streets of the city you can easily get to know the main sights such as Cerro de Monteserrate, Unsaquén and La Candelaria.

In addition, the capital is one of the best travel destinations in Colombia for those who wish to know the best of colombian cuisine. Be sure to try it!

Cartagena de Indias

Cartagena is a Caribbean coast destination and one of the best destinations for travel to Colombia,for sure.

It is one of the cheapest caribbean places, and a city that is not just about beautiful beaches. Cartagena is full of culture and attractions, like a giant wall from the era of colonial architecture. This is one of Colombia’s most famous historic buildings.

Cartagena is lively for travelers of all ages and has a catchy pace for young people and a welcoming atmosphere for families.

Cartagena is fun for travelers of all ages and has an attractive mood for young people and a cozy atmosphere for families.


Cali is one of the most important colombian cities, therefore one of the best destinations for travel to Colombia.

Get to know the bustling nightlife and colombian lifestyle closely. The city’s bars have a catchy atmosphere with salsa rhythm and you will feel closer to everyday life in Colombia.

Colombia South America The Cathedral

Decide among Colombia’s best travel destinations and have a great trip!